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testimonials - what our buyers say

Like all businesses, we love to hear from happy customers.

These are all unsolicited emails or letters received at our office.

We had our hitch installed today by Aurora RV Conversions and just wanted to pass on what a great ambassador Craig is for Hitch 'N' Go. He is thorough with his work and provides a very professional service. He was extremely hospitable and even dropped us at the local shopping centre so we could fill in out time while we waited for the hitch to be installed. Hitch 'N' Go should be extremely pleased and confident to have Craig as one of their installers in Victoria. Now we cant wait to take off on our next travels with our Suzuki in tow.
Just wanted to drop a line to say the Hitch 'N' Go has been great, and what a terrific job the lads did in Bundaberg. The result has been fabulous. Will recommend your product to others.
Just to let you have an update, we are at the extreme end of your towing with an A-Frame. We have now towed a total of 47500klms and 11200klms have been on dirt. We towed the Drover right around Australia last year. A number of people have taken your name and phone number from us so I hope you got some business out of it.
The way to go in my opinion is the Hitch 'N' Go unit. I bought one only a month or so ago and i'm over the moon with it in fact, I think it's the best value for money. We used it at Easter and drove about 1500 ks over the past weeks with no probs at all.
We have now towed the Suzi for 30,000 kms. The A-Frame has performed extremely well. Six people have taken your phone number and address for the frame so far. Hope they contact you. 
Just a note to let you know everything is ok with your A-Frame, tows beautifully and one does not even know the Suzi is on the back. I hope  business is booming.


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