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  • Do I need an Engineer?
    Hitch 'N' Go A - Frames are engineer certified up to 1900 kgs. [The certificate supplied must be carried with you at all times whilst towing].
    However customers with vehicles registered in NSW; are required to have a secondary engineers inspection of the ‘combination’ i.e.; the motor home, A-Frame, and towed vehicle connected and operational.
  • Does that cost extra?
    Yes. Engineers on the RTA approved list of signatories are entitled to charge for their services.
  • Are Hitch 'N' Go A - Frames accepted by all transport authorities?
    Yes. All A - Frames comply with applicable requirements of ADR 62/01 nationwide. Hitch 'N' Go A – Frames comply fully with all aspects of state traffic authority requirements. WA Transport require prior application to be made.
  • Is a compliance plate supplied?
    Yes. A compliance plate is attached to each A - Frame. The towed vehicles VIN is recorded on this plate.
  • Do I need brakes?
    NSW Transport require a braking system for all vehicles which have a tare (or kerb), weight in excess of 750kg. Other states require a braking system for combinations which do not achieve the 3.5:1 ratio. [ See - "Why A-Frame"]. Hitch n Go A-Frames are available in two formats; braked and un-braked.
  • How do the brakes operate?
    The braking system is very simple and operates via a mechanical override method. (Exactly the same coupling as may be seen on some caravans and boat trailers). The A - Frame is supplied with a primary cable and quick release clip. The secondary  bendix cable remains fitted into the vehicle, penetrating the firewall and connecting to the brake pedal via a clevis clip. This system is approved in all states up to 2000kgs.
  • Do I lock the steering?
    No. The steering lock must be dis-engaged. On some older vehicles that means the key will be in the “accessories” position.
  • Will my speedo keep ticking over?
    Some older vehicles will accumulate kilometres . Later model vehicles with electronic speedometers will not accumulate kilometres whilst the ignition is off. 
  • Can I tow my Jimny?
  • Yes, a modification is now available to allow the towing of a Suzuki Jimny. Please contact your nearest Hitch n Go agent for further details. Unfortunately some other constant four wheel drive vehicles are NOT suited to flat towing. These include: Pre – ’06 Toyota RAV 4, Subaru Outback, Honda CRV, Mitsubishi Outlander and Holden Cruz [among others].
  •  Can I fit the unit myself?
    No. State traffic authorities and our warranty conditions require that the mounting brackets can only be installed by an appointed distributor who is trained in thecritical aspects of installation.
  • What about the lights?
    The lights of the towed vehicle are ‘hard’ wired using the plug and electrical cable supplied. This may only be carried out by a qualified auto electrician. A trailer light board is not an option.
  • What if my motor-home is 24 volt?
    Your auto electrician can install a voltage reducer. This is an electronic unit which reduces 24 volts to 12 and is generally fitted to the rear of the motor home. We can provide a quality Australian made unit with the kit.
  • How long does the hook up take?
    Attachment of the A - Frame to both the motor home and towed vehicle takes less than 10 minutes.  [Generally closer to 5 minutes].
  • My Grand Vitara has a nudge bar, will it be in the way?
    We now have a modified mount braket to suit Grand Vitara models from 2006 on fitted with a factory nudge bar. A slight modifaction will acommodate the mounting brackets.
  • How about a bull bar?
    Generally bull-bars can be retained. However, there are some exceptions and there are many and varied designs. Bull bars on Suzuki Sierras are a problem and are usually removed or modified.
  • How do I stop stone chipping on my car?
    We now have a quality stone guard available. The guard is manufactured from aluminium tubing and high grade woven material which is laced onto the frame with quality chord. Eyelets are stainless steel. The guard folds up for easy storage, and is lighter than most camping chairs. Mount brackets allow for adjustment to fit all cars. 


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