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Many motorhome owners like the convenience of having a small car for running errands and exploring places where motorhomes fear to tread - there's no way you can get a motorhome down to that special fishing spot.

There is absolutely no easier way to have a second vehicle with you than to flat tow it. Single driver, no trailer, no trailer parking, no trailer registration. The wheels are on the ground when and where you want them: just pull the pins and drive away.

An A-frame provides a level of freedom and versatility unmatched by any motorhome alone, and is cheaper than any other towing solution (trailers, dollies).

 Ready to tow

Ready to Tow

Unlike conventional trailers, an A-Frame pulls the car behind the motor home on the car's own wheels. It can be stored easily and involves the least amount of towing equipment. An A-Frame also takes up fewer parking spaces than a trailer or dolly. Hitch'n'Go A-frames are solid, welded units with arms that fold together for easy storage.

Folded for storage

Folded for storage

Because of their relative simplicity, Hitch'n'Go A-frames are the lightest, quickest, easiest and cheapest towing equipment an RV enthusiast can buy.


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