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Hitch 'N' Go

Thank you for your interest in Hitch 'N' Go towing A- Frames. Our A-Frames are engineer certified to comply with applicable requirements of ADR62/01 throughout Australia. The maximum towing capacity is 1900kg.

A standard 50mm trailer coupling is utilised to connect to the towing vehicle. The unit is supplied with an electrical plug to suit your motor-home, a harness to the towed vehicle and another plug and base (to disconnect at the grille or bumper), complete with extra cable to wire your towed vehicles lights.

We currently have mount kits to suit 30 different vehicles. A-Frames are available in two formats:

  • Braked: Suitable for towing vehicles with a tare weight of over 750kg. These popularly include Suzuki SX4, Vitara, Grand Vitara, Daihatsu Terios, Hyundai Getz, and many others. This A-Frame is a modification of the basic unit and utilises a mechanical override trailer coupling (as on some caravans or boat trailers). The brakes operate via a cable which is connected to the brake pedal.

Unbraked: There are a small number of vehicles on the market with a tare (or Kerb) weight of less than 750kgs suitable for towing where brakes are not required. EG: Diahatsu Charade,


3.5 : 1 Towing Ratio

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the 3.5 : 1 towing ratio?

All state transport authorities except NSW require that a 3.5 : 1 weight ratio be achieved between a towing vehicle and the towed vehicle. This ratio is required by law on all towed vehicles that have independent steering.

How does steering affect this ratio?

Most vehicles on the road that tow a caravan or boat for example do not achieve the 3.5 : 1 towing ratio. This is due to the fixed wheels providing additional stability. A towed car – with its front wheels able to turn – is less stable thus necessitating the weight limitation.

How does braking effect this ratio?

Apart from NSW, every other state will allow A-frame towing without brakes on the towed vehicle if the 3.5 : 1 weight ratio can be achieved.

To prevent any surprises for our customers, Hitch’n’Go policy states that we fit any vehicle over 900kgs with a braked A-frame everywhere in Australia.

In short, in order to lawfully tow a second vehicle with an A-frame, you must adhere to a 3.5 : 1 Towed Mass Ratio and in the majority of cases have a braking system installed. Usually this is done by running a brake cable from the towing vehicle through the A-frame to the towed vehicle, but wireless options do exist.


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